What Developers have to say

“There are not too many sources of financing projects like this around. BNF [currently Community Capital Fund] made the process easy. They helped me through it, guided me through the paperwork and appraisals, made it as simple as possible.” Edwin Soto

“I want my tenants to live the way that I would. I have been a renter in the past, so I know what is important. I want my tenants to be happy and stay long term.” Deborah Francis

“BNF [currently Community Capital Fund] is easy to work with. Their finances, and honest and timely assistance, have helped me increase my investments and create affordable housing units for the city.” Tom McMillian

“We have numerous loans with Community Capital for properties throughout Bridgeport. These loans help us give people brand new apartments at very affordable prices. We take a vacant apartment building, rehabilitate it, and rent it to people so they can have a better quality of life for themselves and their children.” John Bello (J.B. Management)