Park City Green

The Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprise is on the front line in the growing sector of “green” jobs. Through job training and job creation, the nonprofit helps families in the region achieve economic self-sufficiency while creating sustainable communities. “We create businesses that create jobs,” said Executive Director.

One such business is Park City Green, a nonprofit that deconstructs old mattresses and repurposes the parts and materials for manufacturing. Mattresses and boxsprings are cut open and separated into various components, including cotton, foam, wood and steel. These materials are baled and shipped out for recycling. The work is ideal for Bridgeport residents with difficult work histories who need skills training.
This innovative program had success in other parts of the country and Park City Green was able to get funding and grants, but as with any startup, costs are immediately incurred.

Despite a solid business plan, there were permits, site preparation, equipment that needed to be purchased.

With CommCap’s assistance, Park City Green got the credit and cashflow they need and opened for business in June 2012.

 “They were extremely reliable to work with,” Director said. “They know the ins and outs of the city and government. They help you avoid mistakes you might make on own.”