Recipe for Magic

When Ralph Silano and Rich Ndini closed their old Restaurant it was to make way for a place that they dreamed would be bigger and better – replete with free parking, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and the ability to implement private parties. With double their existing square footage, the former gas company office at 815 Main Street was the perfect place.

To fund the massive task of turning the empty corporate space into supreme restaurant style they knew where to turn. CommCap financing helped them complete the work – from the lofty high ceilings to the Brazilian Cherry floors.

Ralph and Rich’sWhen the new Ralph and Rich’s opened its doors, they were ready to offer more to their customers – more space, more style and an expanded menu with daily prime rib and a new raw bar. One thing didn’t change – Ralph and Rich’s commitment to their customers and to their city – commitments that CommCap applauds and shares.