The International Institute of Connecticut (IICONN) is a statewide nonprofit organization assisting refugees, immigrants and new Americans. IICONN helps them to become self-sufficient, ensuring that low income persons in Connecticut have access to affordable immigration services and strengthening families by helping them to obtain US citizenship and reunite with family members.

A sizable portion of IICONN comes from state and federal grants, but in January 2012 they were seeking operating money, looking for cash flow and to start new programs.

Rachel Benson serves on the board of Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust and spoke to BNT Executive Director Elizabeth Torres about her issues dealing with a bank.  BNT has received financing for both projects and operations using CommCap.

“Funding is a difficult process for nonprofits,” Rachel said. “CommCap was the exact opposite.”

Rachel said the staff was easy to work with, professional, compassionate and they were straightforward and understood her needs. The loan allowed IICONN to serve more people and achieve their goals.