Ontra Stone Concepts, LLC

It takes a special kind of visionary to move in while others are moving out. Buddy Ontra is one of those visionaries. Adhering to an admittedly “old school philosophy” Ontra moved his custom granite and marble crafting and fabricating business from Monroe to Bridgeport with the assistance of Community Capital Fund.

Founded in Monroe and specializing in custom Granite Countertops, fireplaces, vanities, backsplashes, marble walls, flooring and special projects, Ontra Stone uses a wealth of stone materials to install quality in every room of the house.

In early 2012, Buddy saw an opportunity to move his operation at a “price he couldn’t refuse.” Moving is an expensive proposition, especially with the large equipment that Ontra Stone requires, so he decided to seek debt consolidation help. Luckily, his mother serves on commission in the city of Bridgeport and directed him to speak with Ann Robinson.

Commcap’s staff aided Ontra in getting two loans to finish the purchase, for moving expenses and to secure a credit line for the down payment on their assets.
“They were very helpful and they treated me like a person.” Ontra said.
The business moved in April of 2012, with the loan secured in May, which allowed Ontra to take care of the previous tenant’s debt.

“We are legitimate business that needed a boost during a difficult time. Fortunately they were around as a viable alternate to a bank.” Ontra said. “They are there to actually help, rather than just try and pocket interest.”